The first universal science-based surfboard calculator

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The first universal science-based surfboard calculator

BoardLine® is dedicated to surfers who wish to improve their surfing at any level, from beginners to elite surfers. BoardLine® is particularly appropriate for groms wanting to improve their surfing as quickly as possible by adapting their board dimensions to their growth.

BoardLine® is also appropriate for people wishing to go back to surfing after a time off. For every surfer wishing to enhance his/her performance, BoardLine® suggests the best possible equipment geared towards optimizing surfing performance and improvement.

BoardLine® | Universal Science-Based Surfboard Calculator App
The first universal science-based surfboard calculator mobile app.

How to choose the right board dimensions has been a question the surf industry has struggled to answer for years. We have reached the conclusion that one thing is certain: pro surfer must be taken as a reference, because they have tested more boards and combinations of dimensions than any normal surfer could hope to.
And they have the skills to evaluate the boards and work with their shaper to improve the models.

Advanced surfers can feel very small variations in the volume, dimensions or shape of their boards. From their experience, they have gained a great level of equipment performance. There is therefore nowhere better to start than from the pro's experience.

BoardLine® has been developed by two French guys, one being a surfer, a water science engineer and a fluid mechanics academic, and the other being a surfer and sales development manager.

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