With a few clicks, build a fan channel, monetize your content and distribute it everywhere

During the pandemic we realised that many musicians, performers, artists and sportspeople had lost a way to make a living with no gigs, concerts or exhibitions and a falloff in merchandise sales. Moreover, they were dependent on Big Internet and Big Media for any revenues they could generate online and had very little control of their own destiny.

Back in 2002, our founder, Iolo Jones, established Narrowstep, the pioneer in building narrowcast TV channels over the internet and the vision for Fanstad is the same – to give owners of content a way of maximising the revenues from their work, participation and creations.

We see this being particularly appealing to musicians, artists and sports bodies, organisations and clubs, but the platform is not restricted — it’s open to anyone wanting to make money and willing to abide by our common sense rules.

We also recognise that content producers at different points in their careers or journeys will need to deploy different revenue models. For example, if you’re starting out you may wish to encourage donations, sponsorship or subscriptions from your fans. More establish acts can do well from special events such as live performances, and if you have a serious following then the world of nifties is open to you.

Our hope is that our members will be able to map out a journey and grow with the platform.

Frankly, if you’re making money we’re making money, so our interests are aligned. This, the ease of use and the fact that our members own part of the platform, are why we think you should give us a try.

Oh, and you end up owning some of the platform too…

We’re a team that has spent most of our careers representing content owners and developing online media and rights management systems. And we think that the way things work now just sucks.

The likes of Big Media and Big Internet take the lions’ share for doing nearly nothing. Our mission is to change that. We’re here to champion artists. sport organisations and performers.

By joining Fanstad you will own and control your own channel and be able to easily assemble and distribute everywhere. Moreover, by earning money on Fanstad you will earn a share in the platform.

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