Anuj Pandey

Anuj Pandey

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An accomplished Software Professional by qualification, his strong liking for bleeding edge technologies, coupled with keen business acumen put him into the driver's seat of e10 since its inception.

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Anuj Pandey

US Dollar to cross 100 Indian Rupee

With rising inflations in US economy it looks very imminent that US Dollar trading close to 80 Indian Rupees, and given that all the development. The dollar continued its gains against the rupee, which is now trading at an all-time low without any respite. This week there was further weakness...

Anuj Pandey

Cryptocurrency is the future

We used rocks to exchange product and service, and then came the gold, paper and now plastic. Cryptocurrency is the next step in human societal progression. With its decentralized approach and blockchain technology, cryptocurrency can be shared, traded and even bought in a peer to peer fashion. It truly is...

Anuj Pandey

Story of doge

A clever dude thought of making fun of it and decided to make one more. He named it after a common household animal. Dog became Doge, and he pushed it out on the world. #DogeFather

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