How To get motor Insurance Online?

Motor Insurance online

If you own a vehicle in India, it is imperative to insure it with a valid insurance policy. Insurance for car and bike protects against the damages/loss incurred to the insured vehicle-associated owner or damage caused to a third party by the insured vehicle. Owning vehicle insurance is obligatory under the motor vehicle act 1988. Driving while not having insurance could be a punishable offense and one is often heavily punished for this act.

Motor insurance is obtainable for two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and different industrial vehicles. The vehicle insurance has two sections: the own damage section and the third party section. Own damage section covers the loss or damage to the vehicle because of an insured peril, and the insurer bears the repair or replacement prices at the time of claim. The third-party section covers the bodily injury of third parties and property damage of any third parties due to the insured vehicle. The limit of liability under the own damage section would be the Insured declared price as mentioned in the policy document. The limit of liability under the bodily injury of the third party section would be unlimited, and the courts would award the claim. Visit the Sarkari Suvidhas website to know which insurance for bike and cars suits you.

Here are the different types of motor insurances policy:

1. Comprehensive policy

This is a standard policy that offers comprehensive policyholder coverage in a variety of situations. This plan, also known as "Non-Collision Protection," covers liability for personal injury and/or accidental death/property damage, own liability for loss of life, and/or property damage from natural disasters and/or man-made disasters. The premium for this plan is high because of the comprehensive insurance coverage that the plan offers for the comprehensive plan.

2. Third-party Liability cover

Also known as third-party insurance, this plan protects against any statutory liability claims arising from damage or injury caused by the insured vehicle to a person or property of a third party. Personal injury covered by this plan includes accidental death, personal injury, permanent disability, etc. It can be used coverage at a lower premium as it only covers third-party liability. This coverage allows you to claim in the No-Fault Liability Claims category. Claim the damage without providing evidence that your negligence caused the accident. Sometimes insurers offer personal injury protection as a supplement to this insurance policy.

Type of motor insurance

1. Private Car Insurance Policy

This car insurance online must be taken out for every private car owned by an individual and is mandated by the Indian government. It covers the vehicle against accidents, fire, natural disasters, and theft, among other things, and also covers injuries to the owner. It also covers damage caused to third parties.

2. Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

A Two-wheeler insurance policy covers two-wheeled vehicles such as a scooter or bicycles and is mandated by the Indian government. The two-wheeler is insured against damage caused by accidents, disasters, fire, theft, etc., as well as damage and injuries to third parties. It also offers compulsory accident insurance for the owner and can be taken out for passengers.

3. Commercial Vehicle Insurance

This insurance covers all vehicles that are not for private use. This type of insurance covers all vehicles not used for personal use. Trucks, buses, heavy-duty vehicles, light commercial vehicles, MPVs, agricultural vehicles, taxis/cabs, ambulances, auto rickshaws, etc., are some of the vehicles covered by this insurance.

How to purchase Motor Insurance Online:

Let us understand and follow the steps to consider choosing the best car insurance online in India.

Sarkari Suvidha: The first point in choosing the best car or 2-wheeler Insurance in India is choosing the best online platform. Sarkari Suvidha is one of India's leading online car insurance premium comparison platforms. We have partnered with almost every major insurance provider in the market, giving the customer the best option. Vehicle insurance can be purchased online through our portal by entering the basic details such as make, vehicle model, vehicle registration date, and RTO details.

Fill in the Details: Once the basic car details have been filled in and submitted, like Aadhar card, PAN card, You will receive a call from the Sarkari Suvidha team. The agents here are fully trained and highly knowledgeable to assist you in comparing car insurance premiums online and choosing the best policy. The details to be filled in are displayed on the screen for easy understanding.

Ask for particulars: Our agents collect the information related to vehicles, such as cubic capacity, make and model, etc., to generate the car insurance quotes online. If there is any requirement from your end, you are requested to pass it to our agents so that they can generate quotes for you to compare car insurance renewal quotes online.

Add-ons: Add-ons or Riders are the additional coverage offered to the vehicle by paying an additional premium. Add-ons or drivers such as bumper-to-bumper cover, supplies cover, engine protection cover, etc., would be available upon additional premium payment. Additional services must be purchased when you take out online car insurance, as it would not be possible to add them in the medium term.

Comparison: Once the details are filled in, a link to compare online car insurance quotes will be sent to your registered email. This link can compare motor insurance premiums and select the best company.

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