How can I get a certificate of gazette in Maharashtra online?

gazette in Maharashtra

The Official Gazette is a government document issued by the competent authority to regulate errors in documents or records and for other reasons. One can apply for the Gazette in Maharashtra by changing their name, religion, or date of birth. When the name is misspelled, or someone wants to change their name after marriage, name aversion, a name change for political reasons, name change by the Gazette for astrological reasons, name change by the Gazette for numerological reasons, and many more. Likewise, a person can apply for a date of birth change, a date of birth change can be applied for due to errors in the documents or other reasons, and in some cases, anyone can apply for a date of birth change from the Gazette.

Purpose of the Gazette

Whenever the state or central government has an important law, it is implemented by the Maharashtra gazette name change. The work of both governments is honorable only under the Gazette. This takes the form of a weekly brochure or magazine published by the respective state or central government. By the Official Journal, you can change your name, gender, last name, religion, date of birth, etc. The Gazette can easily correct even an error in a document.

After marriage, a girl's name and surname change; in such a situation, the name can be changed by the Maharashtra gazette name change. You must have seen that people often change their religion and get married; in this case, one can also change the name through Gazette. Even to create an important document, you have to change your name, gender, surname, religion, and date of birth; the Gazette is useful for that too.

What is the process for changing your name?

When it comes to Gazette online Maharashtra, there are three crucial and obligatory measures to follow:

  • Creating an affidavit.
  • Publication in a newspaper.
  • Notification in the Gazette.

Step 1: Obtaining an affidavit

The first step is to make an affidavit with a first-class district judge, notary public, or affidavit by a legally authorized person. This document proves your decision and intention to legally change your name.

Each state has rules for using extrajudicial stamp documents to make an affidavit, e.g., B. Rs 100/- for Maharashtra. In most states, you will need a low denomination stamp paper (e.g., Rs 10 or Rs 20).

Be sure to take some copies of the affidavit with you. If possible, also obtain an electronic copy and keep it in a safe place. You also need two notarized passport photos glued separately on A4 paper. You also need at least two witnesses to witness the entire process. You can even hire a lawyer to help you prepare the affidavit correctly. Proof of Indian citizenship would be required, along with the affidavit. This is the first step for an online application for a name change in Gazette Maharashtra.

Step 2: Newspaper Article Publication

The next step is to place an ad in two newspapers, one in the official local language and one in English.

This is done to publicly announce the name change so that you have an official explanation of your name change in the event of a future issue.

Keep copies of the newspaper and scanned copies in a safe place. This is one of the pivotal steps of publishing an advertisement in a Newspaper for a name change gazette online Maharashtra.

Step 3: Notification in the Gazette

The next step is publishing your name in a state or national newsletter. In most cases, contact the department responsible for publishing the Bulletin, the Government Press. Fill out the Last Name Change Form on Deed carefully and follow all the instructions. Notice of the name change will be posted in the Bulletin, and copies will be sent to you at the location specified in the letter. Once you have changed your name, you will need to update your other vital identity records like Aadhaar, PAN, bank account number, work ID, etc., with your new ID. For these records to be updated, you must complete the official name change process; Otherwise, the name change will not be approved or processed by any relevant authorities.

These are the few steps for a name change gazette online Maharashtra.

Documents required for Name Change

Documents required for the name change online are as follows:

Application Form: The application form should be duly signed by the applicant with details of the old and new name, Corresponding address, Contact Details, and Valid reason for the name change.

ID proof: Applicant's PAN card, Voter ID card, Driving License, Passport, or Aadhaar Card.

Photo: One passport-sized colored photograph.

Address Proof: Ration Card or Aadhaar Card or Electricity Bill, Rent Agreement.

Applicant can also provide the following optional documents:

Affidavit (If available, for reasons such as Adoption, etc.)

Divorce Papers (If available, in case of marital separation)

Marriage Certificate (For women, after marriage.)

The Steps For The Name Change

1) Visit the website and fill out the inquiry form.

This is the first step in the name change request process. Visit the website of Sarkari suvidha and fill out the complete name change or religion change, or birth date change form. When you fill out the form, you can see a confirmation page, confirm the details, and make the payment.

2) Preparation of the application

This is the second step in the gazette process. After receiving the duly completed form and the payment, they prepare your application form and email or call you if you have any requirements.

3) Submission of application

This is the third step in the gazette online application Mumbai. They submit the duly completed application to the Government Gazette Authority for approval; after submission of the form, the authority will take the necessary time to approve or deny the application.

4) Get Approved Gazette Copy on your Email ID

This is the fourth and last step of the Gazette application process; they mail you the approved gazette copy on your email id immediately after getting approval from the gazette authority.

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