How To Register Rent Agreement Online?

How To Register Rent Agreement Online?
Rent Agreement Online

A rent agreement is a written contract between the owner of the property  (the landlord) and the tenant who is renting out the property. It also includes the terms on which the property is rented out, such as, the description (location, type and size), the monthly rent, the deposit, the use of the property (residential or commercial) and the duration of the lease. Terms and Conditions can be discussed beforehand but landlords and tenants are bound by them once signed. It also sets out the terms under which the contract can be canceled. If you register your Rent Agreement Online, it will protect you from misunderstandings, doubts and disagreements about renting or leasing a property.

You can visit the nearest sub-registrar's office to register the rent agreement, but if you want peace of mind and transparency along the way, you can register your online leave and license hassle-free with Sarkari Suvidha. This agreement contains essential elements such as property information, rent due, prepayment, and conditions and restrictions related to the property.

Rent Agreement Online

Why is it Important to Register a Rent Agreement Online?

A rent agreement can easily be created online at Sarkari Suvidha. One can create rental agreement online by simply filling in the necessary information online. Once completed, the online rent agreement document will be sent to both the owner and the renter. Both sides must sign the same document.

The online rent agreement process is convenient, but also cost-effective and important. Sarkari Suvidha offers seamless online rent agreement record keeping, allowing both parties to digitally sign the rent agreement. After all  documents have been uploaded and all other services have been performed, the rental agreement document is created online. Now both parties have to sign the same.The parties can sign the agreement digitally or receive it in the mail.

The leave license agreement online creation process eliminates any doubts about misinformation or false claims. And all of this can be done in a jiffy, without wasting time going to court and queuing for stamps etc. You can just sit back and relax at home  and Sarkari Suvidha will do the rest.

What is the Process of Creating the House Rent Agreement Online?

The conclusion of a house rent agreement online is available via a large number of websites. Sarkari Suvidha offers  fast and efficient service. While the processes may differ depending on the platform, the basic procedure involves the following points:

1. Enter the information about the owner, tenant, property address and rental conditions such as rental period, monthly rent and  deposit amount among others. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between a lease arrangement and a leave and license agreement.

2. You must preview the contract created to ensure  all the details entered are correct. Once you've previewed the details,  payment will be taken on the platform using any acceptable payment method such as UPI, debit card, etc. The applicable stamp duty fee (which you may need to charge), handling fee, and delivery price (which will vary by platform) and applicable Goods and Services Tax are included in the payment (GST).

Online Rent Agreement
Rent Agreement Online

3.  The platform has the online lease agreement printed on suitable stamp paper and sends it to you by post. If you prefer a paper copy, you can request the e-seal and lease agreement online by email. The online hard copy of the rent agreement usually takes 3-5 working days to arrive.

Sarkari Suvidha offers an online agreement for rent that allows you to digitally sign the rental agreement. After the payment for the service has been made and the agreement has been formed, the signatures of both parties will be requested. Both parties then have the opportunity to share the contract and digitally sign it. The online rental agreement can be downloaded after both parties have signed the agreement.

Rent Agreement Receipt

A rent receipt is proof that a tenant is paying rent to their landlord. When the landlord receives the rent from the tenant, he issues a (paper) rental receipt that you sign.

Documents Required for Rent Agreement

While getting an online registered agreement, one needs to have the following documents handy:

  1. The property's original proof/evidence of ownership or title.
  2. Index II, or the tax receipt for the property to be leased, can be used for Property documentation
  3. Two photographs of each party and one photograph of each witness
  4. Copy of both parties' and witnesses' proof of address. Any of the following documents can be used to prove your address: a passport, an Aadhar card, a ration card, a bank passbook, or a driver's license.
  5. Pan Card (If Need)
  6. Map of the leased-out property's route
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