Thakur Ground, Kandivali : with the cricket season finally on its way organizers have announced rules for TPL8 season, which is scheduled to start from 12th feb 2021. In the 8th edition at least 14 teams are participating.

Check out the following rules and regulations of the upcoming TPL8 at thakur ground in Kandivali Mumbai.

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  1. Each team may consist of a maximum of 25 players including substitutes due to long duration of the tournament coinciding with summer holidays. Every team shall play 11 players plus 2 super substitute in a match nominated before the toss. All the teams will have to give List of 18 players to be given before tournament which can go up to 25 till quarterfinals. After which no new player can be added in the squad
  2. No player can play for more than one team, A and B division player not allowed if played in last 8 years player found violating this rule team will be disqualified for that match only.
  3. Each innings will be limited to Twenty (20) overs & there will be no drinks break.
  4. 1 bowler maximum 4 overs. The balls to be used will be the ones provided
    by the TPL Committee only. No choice will be granted.
  5. No under-arm bowling will be allowed.
  6. Wide ball rule as per limited overs matches shall apply.
  7. Tournament will be played as per the schedule given to the teams.
  8. If required, each team might have to play two matches on the same day.Allotted time of every inning is 90 minutes, and the bowling team must complete their 20 overs in the allotted time. 10 minute  time extension towards ball replacement, injury or other stoppages may be allowed beyond that no extension.
  9. One over penalty is 20 Runs, which is applied for both the innings.
  10. If bowling team fails to complete their 20 overs in allotted time, in that scenario the game will stop and the number of overs bowled short, will be multiplied by 20 runs
  11. Power play is applied for 5 overs in start of the innings (only 2 players shall remain outside the circle) & batting power play to be taken between 15th – 20th over if not by default the last 2 overs will apply ( 3 players shall remain outside the circle.) total power play is 7 overs.
  12. The toss will be done by the TPL Committee in the presence of both the team
  13. Free Hit : All no ball, next ball will be a free hit.
  14. All the matches will be played on league basis.
  15. Each team will play Minimum 9 league Matches.
  16. Top 8 team will qualify for next round of the tournament, Top team of the chart will play the bottom team the chart as quarter finals, In semi final. Top 4 teams will play for TPL gold cup and bottom 4 teams will play for TPL silver Cup,
    2 trophies will be handed out to 2 winners in Gold and Silver category.
  17. In case of a tie in league stage, with teams on the same number of points, the Net Run Rate rule shall apply.
  18. In case of a tie in a match, team shall compete in a bowl out to decide the winner, if however tie occurs again, then it will decided by sudden death.
  19. Team must report to the ground  at least 30 minutes before the start of the
  20. Umpires decision will be the final decision & no player will argue with the umpire.
  21. A win gets 2 points, A loss gets no points.
  22. Matches will be played in Colour Clothing ( No White Shirts or Tshirts )
  23. If any natural calamities occur, each team will get 1 point.
  24. incase match gets stopped due to rain or government authorities or any reason beyond the control of organisers and if 10 overs are competed  in second innings in that case match would be decided on duckworth Lewis method. However in case of knockouts match would be resumed on reserve day as per date given by organisers
  25. Although adequate safety precautions have been taken and First Aid facilities will be available to treat any injuries sustained while playing, we will not be held responsible and liable for the same and the players will be playing at their own risk.
  26. Interpretation of these Rules & Conditions, their construction and effect rests
    entirely with the TPL Committee. All decisions taken by the TPL  committee will be final and binding on all the participants.
  27. Captains should make the decision of batting or bowling , after the toss on the pitch itself, he is not allowed to go back ,decide and then give his decision.
  28. Entry fee for one team is 1,50,000/- only.
  29. Tournament starting  from 12TH feb 2021.
  30. net run rate calculations would be as per ICC regulations and cric heroes app.
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