Guide To Making Best Video Intros

Guide To Making Best Video Intros

There are many things to do. And what you should pay attention to when making a video is the intro or opening.

You will have a good opener if you are able to make videos that have captivating intros. Because opening videos always impress viewers and are good for your business. Now how to make a good video, especially at the opening? Let's look at the tips together.

Prepare Intro Script Before Recording

You can make an intro with an intro maker application on the internet. But still, you need a good script for essential preparation in making this intro. And this preparation is the key to unlocking the overall impression of your video in the eyes of the viewer.

Yes, this video will bring the image of the business you manage and direct the audience's expectations when watching the video. So, come up with a script that will help you plan everything you want to convey in the video.

This script will also help you to determine what is interesting and important in the video. Manuscripts that are detailed word-by-word would be better, but only a rough draft and just a guide can also be used.

Perform Video Purpose Analysis

Where are there successful people who don't know the purpose of their own content? Because you don't know the content and purpose of the video that will be made, it is impossible to have the capacity to make a good intro. And without a good intro, your video won't work.

Performing an analysis on your video will also help determine the duration of the created video because this duration will have a lot of influence on the overall material to be delivered.

Keeping the intro short for videos with material that instantly introduces your brand is essential. Also, pay attention to how the audience feels and the feelings you want to convey about the brand.

Well, doing an analysis of the video you are going to make will help you create compatibility between the brand you are building and the audience that is its target.

Introduce Yourself in the Most Creative Way

You can introduce yourself at the opening of the video. It sounds simple enough, but the impact is quite significant because your presence in the intro video will attract the audience's attention. After all, they can get to know you personally.

The thing to remember is to make this personal. That means you don't need to formally introduce yourself, and just tell me why you are an expert in that area.

Do this introduction for the first 15 to 30 seconds. If necessary, offer the audience to try and experiment with new things.

Consider Intro Duration

This has already been mentioned in the paragraph above because duration is significant. Because from here, the whole video will be determined. But keep in mind, the intro alias opening video should not hinder the main content at all, and keep it as short and objective as possible.

Long introductions will do nothing but boredom the audience. So pay close attention to this duration.

Combining Different Visual Components of Storytelling

The video intro will be the entry point for the overall tone used in the content. This means that you have to set the tone that fits all the visuals in the video. And fortunately, this procedure is not complicated.

You only need to use static graphic elements such as logos or images with the name of the video you are using. You can also record original visual content for your intro, as long as you're specific and fit into the entire video.

Consider the Music

The music in the video intro is very important. There are two options for selecting music. First, you can choose a specific song for the opening, and second, you can also choose the soundtrack. This will define your business identity in the eyes of the audience.

If you want to make your video opening more flexible and straightforward, then use a soundtrack for each video. These soundtracks are usually suitable for specific occasions.

The most important of whether you will choose music for a particular theme or soundtrack music is the selection of sound volume. The volume is moderate if you don't want to shock the audience and give them a bad impression.

Time to Make an Intro

If you already have an idea of the intricacies of making a video intro, it's time to make one as soon as possible. But if you feel you still can't make the good opening video, repeat the above tips slowly. You can do it.

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