WhatsApp Phishing Attack

WhatsApp Phishing Attack

Yet again you would find a new ways hackers are trying to get into your whatsapp account so that they can read all the messages and may be more.

Fear not, it's very simple not fall victim to this attack. Here is how the attack is carried out.

  1. Someone you know in your contact list. (most definitely, already has fallen victim to attack), sends you a message.
  2. The message read somewhat like 'Hi, I by mistake sent a 6 digit code to your number, can you please forward me asap, I might get locked-out  of my account.'
  3. This being someone you already know from your contact, you might feel obliged to help out.
  4. And to your downfall you send the 6 digit code, which gives hacker access to your number as Business WhatsApp Account.

As I said, its very easy to avoid this by never sharing any code received on your number, as your friend if really in trouble can resend the code to their number very much the same way they sent to your number.

Being alert and aware of these hackers is only best way to be sure you don't fall victim to this WhatsApp Phishing Attack.

Let me know in comments if you or your friends have received any such message. and as Always, stay safe, stay alert.

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