Top 5 National Parks In Rajasthan For A Perfect Safari In 2022

Top 5 National Parks In Rajasthan For A Perfect Safari In 2022

India is a country with various cultures, traditions, and languages. Every state has its own history, attractions, and reasons to visit. The tourism industry provides economic benefits for employment of millions of people.

If you're looking for some adventure, then what better place to look than India. One of the most adventurous destinations and Best Travel in Rajasthan for all types of tourism is none other than Rajasthan, which is often called the land of kings and fairies. Its architectural splendor, natural beauty, culture and colourfulness will surely make a person go crazy over it. Rajasthan is not just a land where one can enjoy from its natural settings, but also from its rich history which dates back thousands of years ago.

Safaris are planned for couples and long-time friends. The pleasantness of a safari depends on the place you plan for it. For beginners, it is better to drive in Rajasthan, which offers different modes from sightseeing to adventurous activities. So, come here and take your pick from some of the incredible protected areas that India has to offer.

The national parks of Rajasthan are mostly adjoined to the uncivilized wildness and preserved by the National park authorities. It is a good place to refresh yourself in the midst of busy city life. If you're planning a visit to Rajasthan and want to get the most out of it then there are two things that you'll never regret doing — going on a safari through the wildlife sanctuaries spread across the state and visiting the beautiful wildlife parks in Rajasthan with Tour Company in Rajasthan.

However, with the many changes that have taken place by Holiday Tour in Rajasthan; it has become difficult to decide which are the right parks to experience. With so many national park and sanctuaries to choose from, listing just 5 was not easy.

  1. Ranthambore National Park

The main Ranthambore Fort was built high on a hill in Rajasthan. You can take a tour of the fort from February to May when the place is clear of crowds.

  1. Keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo was earlier known as Koilodepur. In ancient days, Keoladeo area was inhabitated by tigers and wolves also. Presently, this place has become an important icon for wildlife adventures and is marked out as one of the most amazing bird watching locations in India.

  1. Sariska Tiger Reserve

The great tiger of the Sariska begins particularly at sunrise and ends around sunset. The park has a wide range of species including tigers, leopards, sloth bears, chital and deer. This safari park has been strengthened for more than 100 years in the history of India.

  1. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

A wildlife sanctuary is an area of land or sea reserved by a national government for the protection of wildlife. It is therefore a protected area that makes sure that human activities are restricted in this region.

Dotted with delightful streams, lakes, and changing landscapes; this sanctuary is a perfect getaway for those who like to explore nature at its best. The sanctuary boasts of peacocks, teals, jungle cat, and the list goes on.

  1. Darrah National Park

If you are looking for some small and lonesome national parks in Rajasthan, Darrah National Park will fulfill your wish. It is a common choice of local people living near the place to make trip to this jungle reserve and it really feels good to pamper yourself near home.

The best part of Darrah National Park is its sceneries are not invaded by any man-made infrastructures like settlements or industries. In short, there would be no individual who can pass a bad time in this park. Just be there, with your friends or family, and enjoy the wilderness like never before.


That said, I hope the list I have prepared has been able to help you out in some way or another. So these most popular national parks in Rajasthan will surely provide you with a comfortable and exciting stay in Rajasthan. The history of each park will let you to dive deep into the past which is full of various myths, stories and traditions of Rajasthan. The presence of many animals there creates a unique experience for the visitors. I wish that you can cherish it forever.

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