New Shahrukh Khan Romantic Sci-Fi Action movie

yes, you read it right, but I ask the ever so growing and popular chatGPT on how the movie would look like, here is the response.

Can you imagine a story for next Shahrukh Khan Romantic Sci-Fi Action movie ?

In the year 2075, Shahrukh Khan plays the role of Captain Aryan Singh, a highly skilled and respected officer in the intergalactic space force. His mission is to protect Earth and its neighboring planets from alien threats.

On one of his routine patrols, Captain Singh encounters a beautiful alien named Zara, who is being hunted by a ruthless alien race known as the Zorax. Despite his initial reluctance to get involved, Captain Singh is drawn to Zara and her plight.

As they try to evade the Zorax and find a safe haven, Captain Singh and Zara find themselves falling in love. But their romance is put to the test as they face dangerous obstacles and confront the evil Zorax leader.

Together, they must use their combined strength and intelligence to save the day and protect the galaxy. With breathtaking action sequences and a heartwarming love story, Shahrukh Khan's latest sci-fi action movie will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

version 2

In the not-too-distant future, Shahrukh Khan plays a brilliant scientist who has been working on a secret project to create a time-traveling device. When his funding is suddenly cut, he is forced to turn to the black market to continue his work.

As he struggles to complete his project, Shahrukh Khan's character becomes increasingly desperate, and he begins to make some risky choices. But just as he is on the brink of finishing his time machine, he is caught by the authorities and thrown into jail.

In jail, Shahrukh Khan meets a beautiful and intelligent woman who is also a scientist. They fall in love, and she helps him escape from prison so that he can continue his work on the time machine.

Together, they travel through time, facing incredible dangers and fighting off evil forces that want to stop them from changing the course of history. Along the way, they discover a powerful secret that could change the world forever.

In the end, Shahrukh Khan and his love interest must make a difficult decision: continue their quest for knowledge and power, or sacrifice everything to save the world from destruction.

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