Empowering beauty enthusiasts (whether novice or expert) to move away from your tried and tested looks, the app allows you to try new colours and techniques in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

We’re revolutionising the way women learn to apply make-up!

Empowering beauty enthusiasts (whether novice or expert) to move away from your tried and tested looks, the app allows you to try new colours and techniques in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Created by makeup experts for you, this must have on-the-go and home essential is a new and innovative way to learn makeup application.

Wow How is enhanced with useful tips within the tutorials, as well as everyday basic makeup understanding; it’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about your beauty regime in your pocket, from the professionals themselves.


Our virtual makeup-artist guides you through easy to follow step-by-step stages, both visually and verbally, on the best techniques to create your chosen look. No need to be intimidated by or to find the time to visit a beauty counter, when you can get an enhanced experience and infinite support  from Wow How 24/7 in your own home.


A personal experience, based on specific skin tone and facial features, ensures everything you learn is applicable and relevant. So much better than a YouTube tutorial, Wow How delivers tones and techniques that have been perfectly matched.

Watch and apply simultaneously with our unique split screen technology, allowing you to follow along and try without having to look away from the screen.

Completely responsive, our avatar allows you to review their make up positioning as you go and take a closer look whenever you need. Our unique ‘Tilt and Turn’ function enables you to twist, turn and zoom in on areas to ensure you get to grips with the techniques being used.

On demand 24/7, you can learn at your own pace – continuing to refresh and refine your technique whenever you have the time to do so. Because our app is in your pocket, it’s as easy to follow along at home as it is in the office bathroom or during a weekend away.

Completely private, we don’t capture any personal data or images – so users can be safe in the knowledge that what they create is for their eyes only.

Day Looks

Whether you are just starting to wear makeup or want to create your everyday natural look we have the perfect one for you

Evening Looks

Be bold, experiment and add that little extra for a more dramatic look

Bridal Looks

Every bride wants to look their best for their wedding day, be inspired with our awesome looks

Helpful tips and advice

Get helpful hints, tips and advice on how to perfect your look, get the most out of your make-up and learn what works best for you and the look you want to achieve

Easy to follow instructions

WOW HOW breaks down each make-up look into simple, easy to follow steps that even the most inexperienced user can master

Buy the products you use

Create your shopping wish-list as you go, select your budget, browse products from all the leading beauty brands and buy from stores you trust


Our technology might be complex, but the end result is so simple to set up and use – even the most inexperienced of make-up user can feel empowered to try something different.


WOW HOW helps you to experiment with new colours and techniques, building the confidence to really push boundaries when it comes to creating your unique look. We help you to make the most of your features and feel fabulous every day.

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