How To Register For Fssai in Mumbai?

Online FSSAI Registration in Mumbai
Fssai Registration

Mumbai is the economic capital and the center of many export-oriented foods, manufacturing, retail, and small MSME industries. Therefore, it has become necessary for the authorities to regulate and set standard policies to maintain food quality and manufacturing for better growth. Therefore, FSSAI registration in Mumbai is a must for all types of food businesses as per the dictates of the governing body.

What is FSSAI Registration In Mumbai?

FSSAI registration is required for all FBOs as mandated by the Governing Body for Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. FBOs operating in Mumbai must have FSSAI registration in Mumbai to operate legally.

The FSSAI License Registration is a 14-digit number assigned by the lead body after registration that contains information about the food manufacturer.

Advantages of FSSAI Registration in Mumbai

  • Statutory Help
  • Right to use the FSSAI logo.
  • Helps in Business growth
  • Edge over unregistered FBOs
  • Food Safety Assurance for customers
  • Build Consumer Confidence and Approval
Fssai Registration

The procedure of FSSAI Registration in Mumbai


  • Applying for the FSSAI registration process
  • After applying FSSAI license registration process, they will provide a 14-digit numeral that carries details of the food manufacturer.
  • Create an account on the Foscos webpage for FSSAI registration
  • Choose your premise location.
  • Pick the nature of business as per eligibility criteria.
  • Fill out Form A / Form B; it depends on the nature of your business.
  • Upload all necessary documents.
  • Submit the fees before registration and closing the applications; it will provide you with a 17- digit number to track your online status in the FSSAI registration process.
  • You can track your registration using our website of Sarkari Suvidha.


  • Inspection by FSSAI Official
  • As per the guidelines, the FSSAI Official will act on your applications within seven days; after this, the application is rejected, then an inspection will be held by the FBO (Food Safety Officer).


  • Clearance for approval
  • After a proper assessment of the premises and review by the Food Safety Officer, the authorities approve the relevant department to proceed with the process.


  • Issue of FSSAI registration
  • The relevant authorities issue the FSSAI FOOD license within 30 days. A digital copy of the FSSAI registration number and logo will be provided on your registered email ID.

In this overall process, if anyone needs any assistance, then visit our official website of Sarkari Suvidha. Our representative will assist you in the best possible way. We also provide other services like, PAN Card, AAdhar Card, Rent Agreement, Gumasta  License, Domicile, Income Certificate, Gazette, Senior Citizen Card, Food License etc.

Online FSSAI Registration in Mumbai
Fssai Registration

Documents required for FSSAI registration in Mumbai

Basic registration:

  • Proof of legal identity, e.g. Aadhar card
  • Proof of residence
  • Food Business Operator Details
  • NOC from Local Authority
  • For Basic Registration - Form IX
  • Raw material source for manufacturing

State FSSAI License:

  • IX Form B
  • Detail layout setup of premise
  • Directors List.
  • Self-declaration for Proprietorship
  • Certificate Copy of ( Coop Act-1861/ Multi-State Coop Act-2002 )
  • NOC from CGWA (Central Ground Water Authority)
  • Equipment & machinery list with numbers
  • Identification card (Government authorized)

Central FSSAI License:

  • NOC from Local Authority
  • Proof of Premise Ownership
  • Form B
  • DGFT issued Import-export code
  • COOP-act 186 certification is required
  • EOU certificate from the Ministry of Commerce
  • Food Safety Management (FSM) plan
  • In case of hotels, NOC from the Ministry of tourism is Mandatory
  • Raw material source
  • Form IX
  • Equipment & Machinery list with numbers
  • A chemical Examination Report of Water

The Fees for FSSAI Registration in Mumbai:

  • The annual fee for a Basic FSSAI license is Rs. 100
  • The yearly fee for a State FSSAI license is Rs. 2,000 - 5,000
  • The annual fee for a Central FSSAI license is Rs. 7,500

Validation & Renewal of FSSAI Registration in Mumbai:

  • The maximum validity period of FSSAI registration or license is five years and a minimum of 1 year.
  • Food business operators should apply for fssai license renewal 30 days before expiration.
  • The FSSAI license will be considered invalid after the expiration date, and all work must be suspended immediately per policy.
  • FBOs applying for a renewal after the expiry date will be charged an overdue renewal fee of Rs 100 per day along with the statutory renewal fee.
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