Top 10 Curtains Cleaning Company In Abbotsford

Top 10 Curtains Cleaning Company In Abbotsford

1.Elitessential Cleaning

The beautiful curtains adorning your home are always an integral part of your interiors. But keeping the curtains clean and good in appearance is a problem you always have to deal with. Your curtains act like air filters that absorb airborne particles, dust, and even odours. This results in the curtains getting dirty very quickly often resulting in damage to the fabric and original colour, besides acting as an abode of dust, germs, and pollutants. Such dirty curtains can cause numerous kinds of diseases for your loved ones – asthma, allergies, and other health issues.Melbourne.

Contact Details

Address:  Melbourne VIC, Australia

Phone Number: 0469 873 655

E-mail: [email protected]


2. Clean Sleep

When Clean Sleep talks about Curtain Cleaning Abbotsford , we find most house-owners overlook the curtains and drapes. Curtains not only protect houses from cold, dust, sunlight and heat but also add an aesthetic sense to your house decor. However, draped fabric works as magnets and draws allergens and dust. The dust becomes denser and this can make curtains lose the colours and look dull. Apart from the colour and the aesthetic aspect of curtains, it is important to understand that these dust particles get trapped in the curtains. They are harmful and can affect the health of the people at home, particularly for asthmatics. It is very necessary to get them cleaned professionally.

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Address:  Canberra, Melbourne

Phone Number: 0488 849 825


3. Master Cleaners

re you looking for exceptional curtain cleaning at a cheap price in Melbourne? Master Cleaners Melbourne is your ultimate destination for onsite, offsite, domestic and commercial curtains and blinds cleaning solutions. We have the best of experts on board to deliver 100% customer satisfaction without using any toxic (harmful) chemicals. Our licensed cleaners clean all sorts of curtain fabrics including velvet, cotton, polyester, and silk. And our blind cleaning extends to a wide range of blinds including Venetian Blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, plantation shutters, awnings, and roller blinds etc. Our curtain cleaning gives a new and healthy look to your window coverings at a modest cost. Call us to know more about our services and prices!

Contact Details

Address:  Master Cleaners Melbourne,Melbourne, Australia

Phone Number: 0428 784 299


4. Shine Cleaning Service

Enhance the look and feel of your furnishings by getting them cleaned at Shine Cleaning Melbourne. Let’s admit; we all tend to take our curtains for granted. We often forget that as soon as we open the window, our curtains get exposed to dust and moisture. They handle all the filth and let’s not forget – they collect a lot of stains and odours from our house.

Not anymore. Shine Cleaning Services provides excellent curtain cleaning services in Melbourne. Our professional curtain cleaners sanitise, clean and deodorise your curtains, ensuring that your furnishings look squeaky clean and perfect.

Contact Details

Address: Melbourne,Victoria, Australia

Phone Number: 0488 852 699


5. Total Cleaning

Total Cleaning Melbourne offers curtain and blind cleaning service which is suitable for most types of materials and shapes. Our unique formula for curtains and horizontal blinds cleaning process is eco-friendly and allows us to clean curtains and blinds without shrinkage or buckling.

Our technician specializes in cleaning all types of drapes and horizontal blinds, using steam cleaning methods, we will apply a test before starting and gain your approval before to ensure that the steam cleaning process is suitable for the type of fabric.

Contact Details

Address: 517/585 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC - 3000

Phone Number: 03 9574 7617


6.. VIP Curtain Cleaning

Need Reliable Couch Cleaning Melbourne? Our carpet cleaning technicians professionally steam clean domestic & commercial carpets. Our stain removal specialist give eco-friendly carpet cleaning service throughout Melbourne.

Vip Cleaning Services Melbourne with its comprehensive range of services and complete carpet care have successfully become a top choice for home and business owners. Our technicians can serve our customers in all the suburbs of Melbourne.

Contact Details

Address: Melbourne, Australia

Phone Number: 1300 912 255


7. My Home Curtain Cleaner

My Home Curtain Cleaner exclusively excels in curtain cleaning and our process ensures that your curtains are cleaned thoroughly, properly, and from deep within. We offer tailor-made cleaning treatments in accordance with each individuals personal needs. From removing your curtains to hanging them back after cleaning, we do leave no stone unturned to give you peace of mind.
We have ultra modern cleaning techniques and tools to loosen up the dirt particles from the curtain and suck them out. Also, our high-tech machines do not leave even those stains, dust, and odors that reside deep within the fabric.

Contact Details

Address:  Melbourne Victoria, Australia

Phone Number: 0488 846 256


8. My Choice Cleaning

We understand how much time and money you have spent on selecting the best drapes, curtains or blinds for your house or your office space. Curtains make your windows look so beautiful and add on to a grace to your room. Curtains are usually used at the windows, which trap the maximum amount of dust and dirt from the outside air. People generally vacuum and clean the different parts of the room well, but tend to forget or miss out on the curtains. The main reason for this is that the curtains are so bulky and big and are not easy to clean. It is difficult to reach the top of the curtains.

We have been in this cleaning business for over a decade now. Our services are popular all around Canberra, Australia. We do blinds, drapes and curtain cleaning of residential and commercial places. Drapery and curtain cleaning is our signature service. We are actually one of the brands who started this service. There are still not so many vendors in the market who do it and specialize in it.

Contact Details

Address:   Canberra, Australia

Phone Number: 1300 365 743


8. Myer Carpet Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning In Melbourne is a chore that many people overlook or just put off. But just like your carpet and your furniture your curtains get dirty over time and need to be cleaned.The process of cleaning your curtains can be overwhelming, from taking them down, washing, pressing to rehanging them, who has time for that?That’s why Myer Carpet Cleaning offers a curtain steam cleaning service in Melbourne.

Curtains get dirty from common everyday habits as well as environmental factors. Just by touching your curtains you are leaving behind oils and other bacteria. The air in your home also carries dirt, dust and allergens that are making your curtains their home.

Contact Details

Address: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Pert

Email id : [email protected]

Phone Number: 1300 13 44 69


9. Queen cleaning

Curtains and blinds absorb a lot of dust, allergens and grime with time. They also get stained based on the area of exposure, especially in kitchen and bathroom. Cooking smoke, cigarette smoke, pungent smell are frequently absorbed around your house which also discolours itself over a longer period of time.

Dirty drapery poses health hazards and may cause health issues among asthmatic patients and the elderly.

With the bulk of the weight of stained curtains and types of blinds, it is tedious to do it yourself at home or office. Moreover, it becomes bulkier if it has to be washed with water. Hence, it is a job for professionals like us who does blinds and drapery cleaning every day.

Contact Details

Address:  96 Glass St, Essendon, VIC 3040,1 Pascoe Ave, Springvale VIC 3171

Phone Number: 0405 161 424


10. Marks Curtain Cleaning

They understand the value of lounges, sofa, Curtain , and leather or fabric furniture and take special care by using only eco-friendly products to ensure the best possible outcomes of their upholstery cleaning.

Marks Curtain Cleaning offers the best onsite drapery cleaning, blinds cleaning, and curtain steam/dry cleaning services in Abbotsford. Our professional curtain cleaners know many ways to make your window covering clean and brand new once again. Besides curtains, we also provide blinds cleaning which includes, roman blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, mini blinds, and panel blinds. Thus, we are here to clean and restore your window coverings like curtains, blinds and draperies to the perfection at affordable prices.

Contact Details

Address:  Marks Curtain Cleaning Melbourne

Phone Number: 0488 849 391


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