Top 10 Couch Cleaning Company In Abbotsford

1. Elitessential Cleaning                

Elitessential Cleaning has been making lives easier for more than a decade.  Elitessential Cleaning is one of the most reputed Couch Cleaning In Abbotsford Company. Our team of professional cleaners is known for its credibility and certainly provides reliable and efficient services to all our clients. The knowledge about several materials and cleaning methods we have imbibed all these years is unmatched. The fact that we get umpteen recommendations and referrals, speaks volumes for us. We provide elite services to maintain well-being and a hygienic environment, which certainly is the most essential part of our lives, and hence our name.

Contact Details

Address : Abbotsford, Melbourne VIC, Australia
Contact : 0469 873 655
Email Id : [email protected]
Website :

2. Citrus O Carpet Cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaning technicians will arrive at your door with a selection of our best and safest cleaning solutions. We conduct an initial inspection then thoroughly clean your carpets using our portable Rotary Drimaster carpet cleaner and our orange citrus pre-treatment solutions to clean, deodorize, and sanitize.

Contact Details

Address : Abbotsford, Melbourne VIC, Australia
Contact : 1-855-248-7875
Website :

3. Sofa Cleaning  

We at Squeaky Clean Sofa offers a wide range of Couch Cleaning services in Abbotsford including couch stain removal. No matter how hard or stubborn the stain is, our cleaning team can treat it. From red wine to chocolate to blood to urine, we can treat all kinds of stains. We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions on your couches, which ensures there are no skin or health allergies. Our effective cleaning solutions play a major role in cleaning making your couches thoroughly cleaned giving you the expected results. Hire us today and get the best couch cleaning services in Abbotsford.

Contact Details

Address :  Abbotsford, NSW, Australia
Contact : 0488 851 003
Website :

4. Fresh Cleaning Services

Cleaning your mattresses, upholstery, curtains, and ducts, on your own consumes a lot of your time and might not even provide satisfactory results. Now the time has come when you sit back and relax while they handle all the hustle and bustle of the cleaning process. They provide professional sofa steam cleaning services and quality furniture cleaning. Best Couch Cleaning In Abbotsford also Deals in Melbourne !!! A professional and trustworthy company, Fresh Carpet Cleaning provides the finest quality of the Upholstery Cleaning service in Sydney. Team Available 24*7. Their Expert team deals in any type of Upholstery Cleaning in Sydney at a very affordable price.

Contact Details

Address: Melbourne, Perth
Phone Number: 1300 095 443
E-mail: [email protected]

5. Fastline Cleaning Services

Fast Line Couch Cleaning Abbotsford, one of the leading professional carpet cleaning company operating its services around Melbourne inner suburbs over seven years. We provide outstanding carpet cleaning services that vary from Residential to Commercial places.

We, Fast Line Property Services not only provide Carpet Steam Cleaning services but also provide excellent cleaning for Upholstery, Mattress, Rugs, Tile & Grout high-pressure cleaning, End of Lease Cleaning, Lawn Mowing and Bin Removal Services and so much more.

Contact Details

Address: 2/29 Paterson Rd, Springvale South VIC 3172
Phone Number: 03 8524 3735
E-mail: [email protected]

6. Elite Carpet Care

Elite Carpet Care has been providing Couch Cleaning Services in Abbotsford since 1984. As a sole owner-operated business it has always strived to maintain an up to date and modern professional carpet cleaning service. One on one contact with customers is why they continue to use and recommend their services.

Elite Carpet Care can handle anything from a small residential house to a large commercial job. On the bigger jobs, Elite will send out a 2-3 Man crew to make sure it is done professionally and quickly. They clean everything from Hotels, Football Clubs, offices and reception rooms to rentals, nursing homes and private residences across the Melbourne Metro.

Contact Details

Address: 28 Warrington Crescent, Deer Park, Victoria 3023
Phone Number: 0408 807 420
E-mail: [email protected]

7. Uber Cleaner

They understand the value of lounges, sofa, and leather or fabric furniture and take special care by using only eco-friendly products to ensure the best possible outcomes of their upholstery cleaning. Their experienced and qualified technicians will move the furniture for you when needed and provide you best advice regarding the upholstery cleaning service.

At Uber Cleaner, they understand that the upholstery is a breeding place for various kinds of pollutants. The allergens, bacteria or pollutants living through the uncleaned upholstery could cause many health-related issues and harmful for the family. They could also potentially damage your upholstery for the long term. So, to make sure they preserve the expensive furniture and upholstery, simply call them.

Contact Details

Address: Level 23, 40 City Rd, Southbank, Victoria - 3006, Australia
Phone Number: 1300 823 763

8. OZ Clean Team

They offer an Affordable Couch cleaning service In Abbotsford for you at cheap costs. Upholstery steam cleaning is carried out by using strong steamers and the best steam cleaning machines. A thorough vacuum cleaning of the upholstery is first carried out to get rid of dust and mud. Stains are treated and removed by strong stain removal products. Their professional cleaners will then use steam cleaners and start cleaning the upholstery. Upholstery steam cleaning will help in the deep cleaning of the upholstery and also remove germs and pathogens. Hire OZ Clean Team for upholstery steam cleaning today and make your upholstery clean and fresh in no time.

Contact Details

Address: Brisbane Queensland, Australia
Phone Number: 1800260601

9. Sk Cleaning Service

Sk Cleaning is known as a reputed and trustworthy company in Australia. With over a decade of experience, they are delivering exceptional and best home improvement services in major Australian cities. Their team of professional technicians is certified and experienced to provide quick and effective cleaning services In Melbourne. They only use advanced equipment and standard solutions to offer safe and eco-friendly services.  They offer a wide range of home improvement services in all the suburbs of Australia.

Contact Details

Address: Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Phone Number: 0433 790 364
E-mail: [email protected]

10. Jim's Cleaning

Call Jim’s Cleaning for home and office cleaning, domestic and commercial cleaning. From windows to blinds, from cars to kitchens, from carpets to driveways, from factory floors to office floors – Jim’s Cleaning does it all. Jim’s Cleaning is Australia’s leading home and commercial cleaning service with services available in every state and their reputation is top class.

Jim’s Professional Upholstery Cleaning team understands upholstery fabrics and can effectively clean sofas, armchairs, dining chairs and more. Daily use and ongoing wear can cause a film of dirt and grime to settle on and in your materials. Their qualified cleaners will leave your upholstery refreshed and sanitized.

Contact Details

Address: 48 Edinburgh Road, Mooroolbark, Victoria 3138

Phone Number: 131 546

E-mail: [email protected]

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