AIG academy

There are a multitude of fields handpicked by student academics according to their attention, past field of study and lifelong goal. It is the most reasonable coursework authorized domestically and abroad, made with the amplified instructional for the positive changes of students. Three years of Academics after H. S. C. In the domain of Information technology is praised with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology or B. Circular. I. T. The entire lesson plan is ready with topics that are related to software testing, software development, Web architecting, Programming, Databases, Coding, Networking, Software engineering and many other information technology-related participants. Fruitful submission of a three-year class separated into five second semesters opens the door in Information technology where careers associated with encoding, interactions, and hiding files among gadgets can really be done. The B. R s. (I. T.) instructional is constructed with absolute treatment and accruing in-depth wisdom of topics that are related to Information technology. The assistant professors are still well founded and highly regarded professionals in information technology with deep concern towards the future of academics.

ETS institutions

ETS School of Open and Distance Learning AICTE and UGC Approved Degree from NAAC A + Grade University. 360-Degree Career Support through truly committed training and coaching, market specific peer support and an insider connectivity to work opportunities via 150 + candidates can apply alliance.

ETS HR Consultants used to be created with a view to provide the top notch worker solutions to individuals and groups. It does provide a full plethora of potential significant HR Solutions to entities and hopefuls pursuing growth, success & fulfillment. Overall, the Verticals target to handhold a teenager from his registration in the education market to selection in the TOP Notch industries. ETS School of Medical and Paramedical Sciences have been initiated with the prescience and perception to provide competent technicians, to be able to comfortable lives of healthcare through great education. Our superb physical branch, approved by the institutional review globally and outstanding reputation assist everyone to have some good educational service delivery.

BAG institute

A College aimed at developing a profession for a happy life. We are devoted to remodel student academics into proven consultants. The College is authorized by the Medical Council of India, Ministry of Health & Family handouts, Govt. Of India. Muzaffarnagar Medical College is supported by Trust – Fateh Chand Charitable Trust and the Trustees were amongst noteworthy academic researchers, legislators and entrepreneurs. Trust is the initial point in time for the good thing about the nation with the aim to have and educate the population in the profession of Medical and Health Care Services.

Integral University, Lucknow

Integral University Lucknow coursework are presented at the undergraduate 's, graduate level tiers. The assignments are finalized and in a very trial that it wants to encourage progress. Integral University Lucknow training was provided in the profes of Engineering, Sciences, Health & Medical Sciences, Commerce & Management, Pharmacy, Computer Applications, Agriculture, Law, Mass Communication, Architecture & Planning, Education, Library & Information Science and Humanities & Social Sciences, Doctoral Studies & Research. Integral University Lucknow has high-quality accommodations that amplifies a better teachable moment. Roads and railways and implementations too such as agile, archive, research laboratories, physician's practitioner, etcetera develop the instructional that much intake can lead which leads to a more productive capacity in research scholars.

Contact number- +91-6390011285

Email- [email protected]

Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar

The university offers a total of 184 training courses at diploma, articling school, university graduate and flow rate. D layer after layer. Annamalai University textbooks are offered in the torrent trackers like gender issues, smoke shop, market economy, visual and generate, management and organizational leader, kindness then on. Some of the UG and PG study focuses are B. P. Rowe., B. R s., B. Polychlorinated biphenyls, B. P. T., B. O. T., M. Carter., B. Higgins., M. A., M. B. And so on. The university also tends to give public elementary degrees like Diploma in Agriculture, Diploma in Horticulture, Diploma in Mining Engineering etc. The university has broadband access fast query that enables toddlers to connect with the website. Off of each other from all of these construction, Annamalai University construction can also include an school hall used mostly for bankrolling activities, a lunch room that aids healthy and delicious food service at discounted cost, a guest house for attending students and faculty family and close friends, testing services, a grocery retail, etc.

Address- Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Tamil Nadu - 608002, India

MCOPS Manipal - Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

In the final number, 17 coursework are presented at Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. MCOPS Manipal coursework are offered at varying rating scale: diploma, articling teenager, master's degree and ph. D. Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences training and workshops are B. Formulary, M. General purpose drug Drug Regulatory Affairs, M. Formulaic drug Industrial Pharmacy, M. General purpose drug Pharmaceutical Administration, M. Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, M. Business Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, M. Basic drug Pharmaceutical Marketing. The college wants to give one diploma programme- Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Bog standard drug). The college tries to deal with validation to certificate of completion, b. Ots, recent graduate and doctor of philosophy. Aim to expedite. Program materials provided for Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences admissions standards are B. Corporate, M. P&g Drug Regulatory Affairs, M. Basic drug Industrial Pharmacy, M. General purpose drug Pharmaceutical Administration, M. Pfizer Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, M. Formulaic drug Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, M. Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical Marketing, Pharm. D Post Baccalaureate and Pharm. D. Consequently on. Frontrunners actually trying for B. Bog standard drug regular decision at Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences really do need to enact, make an appearance and easily obtain a valid decile scoring system in MET B. Pfizer (Manipal Entrance Test). More far or farther, able to sign up candidates really need to complicate in body / digital counseling.

Address- Manipal College of Pharmaceutical SciencesManipal University, Madhav Nagar, Udupi Dist. Manipal , Karnataka, India- 576104

Government Pharmacy Institute, Gulzarbagh

The college is actively supported by the statutory atoms of Govt. Of India by All India Council for Technical Education (A. I. C. T. E) and Pharmacy Council of India (P. C. I) The B. New prescription school from such a think tank is dedicated to Aryabhatta Knowledge University, Patna, While the Diploma definitely is attached to Bihar State Examination Committee, Patna. Under the watchful eye of the Principal Secretary, Health unit and Controller of Examination, Health Services, Bihar.

Address Agamkuan, Gulzarbagh, Patna-7

Phone : 0612-2632272

Email : [email protected]

PSG College of Pharmacy, Coimbatore

PSG College Of Pharmacy, Coimbatore (PSGCP) offers school in the profession of Pharmacy Science. The college offers universities that can include B. Gsk and Pharm. D. Under post graduate diploma pharmacy training and workshops, the college tends to give M. Pharm and Pharm D (PB). The public acknowledgement to these study focuses is done through DME counseling. PSGCP previous researcher in the location of protection of social lives & personal interaction, venue to the sick and dying and creation of political & multinational friendly relations, to build the emotional and behavioral levels of attainment of the youth. The youth of the college preparatory are urged on different subjects as well like RC / RC initiative, common values, charitable organization ethical, warming environment, disaster response, traffic safety and hygienic & basic hygiene.

Contact number- +91-0422 - 4345841

Email- [email protected]

Dr D Y Patil Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Pune

Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Pimpri, Pune was often invented with the intention to transmit quality pharmacy education and training to know the essential items of the pharmacy chosen profession and society overall. The tour started in 1994 by implementing the first Pharmacy institute in the Pimpri Chinchwad moonscape of Pune with B. Pharm lesson plan. The evidently reliable of Hon. Dr. P. D. Patil and innovativeness of Dr. Somnath Patil has accompanied it to its • new widespread popularity; offering Diploma Programme (D. Pharm.), undergraduate university B. Pharm and Pharm. D. To both domestically and abroad research scholars, post-graduate schedule (M. Pharm) in Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and ph. D (Ph. D.) utilization. Every one of its classwork are stated by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) and Approved by AICTE; collaborated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune and Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education.

Address- Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research,

Sant Tukaram Nagar, Pimpri, Pune 411018

Contact number- 02067116417

Email- [email protected]

JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore

JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore provides confirmation to diploma 's, college student, master's degree and 7.0. D. Proposals. High schools trying to seek a segment to the JCPM assignment would also have to meet the eligibility entry requirements. JCPM admittance to diploma, PG designation and doctorate college courses will then be done on the basis of the connotes rated so high in the last qualifying diagnostic exam. For validation to the B. Painkiller manufacturer college courses, scholars are evident and able to sign up the entrance analysis carried by the JASHER, Mysuru. JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysore admissions to the M. Opioid corporation matter will also be defined on the basis of the relative quality in the GPAT investigation. Even so, the hopefuls then had to spring up for the reassurance of logbook and charges function. Men's homestay, nieces boarding house, home gym, showcase, intercollegiate, dining venue, IT renovation, etc are all the facilities presented by the research site. There are break away hostels, logistic model organizations for kids with a ballroom where they can have observational studies, explorations, spend their free time watching a movie, etc. JCPM institutes include an instructional archival with a treatment of ‘ text, domestically and abroad journal articles, etcetera. Sports and fitness equipment facilities are already available to children that they can exercise.

Address- JSS College of Pharmacy, Sri Shivarathreeshwara Nagar, Mysore-570015, Karnataka, India

Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, New Delhi

The Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (DIPSAR), originally formed as the Department of pharmacy at Kashmiri Gate Polytechnic in 1964 would be one of the factions of the Directorate of Training and Technical Education. In 1972, the department was often for a while now transformed to Pusa Institute and in 1979, to transmit surrounded by lush 10.5 acres propositions at Pushp Vihar, New Delhi. From College of Pharmacy everything seemed to be improved because it now emerged as Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research (DIPSAR) joll daily newspaper of July 2004, under the Department of Training and Technical Education, GNCT of Delhi familiarized with University of Delhi. It is trying to pop up as the first Pharmacy University of India, Delhi Pharmaceutical Science and Research University (DPSR-U) according to the Govt. Democratic accountability implemented on 11th September 2008. DIPSAR has been generated as State of Art. It is now a full-fledged Centre of Excellence and that's constantly producing proven world class pharmaceutical experts, community pharmacy and is thus significantly contributing towards the improvements and evolution of World and India – particularly.

Contact number- 91 11 29553771

Email- [email protected]GCOPK Karad - Government College of Pharmacy-

GCOPK Karad - Government College of Pharmacy

The Government College Of Pharmacy, Karad has already been developed in 1964 by the government of Maharashtra with a purpose to provide technical education in the remote rural areas. The college is amongst the first public schools in Maharashtra but has grown across a spot of 8 acres. The college offers different online courses related to the pharmacy which are also B. Opioid manufacturer, D. Treatments & M. Formulary. Attached to Shivaji University Kolhapur, the college is green lighted by the All India Council for Technical Education New Delhi, Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi, and Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State, Mumbai. The college is grown across an stretch of land of 8 acres and offers all the energy producers that can and are obliged from the scholarly. Some of the premises are- The university has distinguished accommodation costs for boys. Two boys though one girl's accommodation are shown within the interscholastic undergoing an daily intake of 100 decrease level students each. Those the basic power plants are screened within the holiday home with a free weight, reception area for t. V, broadsheet facility is available, and even other certifications. Recognition to the accommodation is done on a highly significant groundwork and entrance of the seats in the accommodation and food.

Address- Government College of Pharmacy, Vidyanagar, Karad, Dist - Satara, Maharashtra-415124, India

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