The treatment of mentally challenged people is the primary goal of occupational therapy. Occupational therapists ensure that mentally or physically challenged individuals receive the appropriate treatment and can live a fulfilling life. Occupational therapy (OT) is a type of health-care profession that assists people of all ages with physical, sensory, and cognitive issues. Occupational therapy can assist people in regaining independence in many aspects of their lives. Occupational therapists assist people in overcoming obstacles that affect their emotional, social, and physical requirements. They accomplish so through engaging in daily activities, workouts, and other therapy. OT assists children in playing, improving their academic achievement, and assisting them in their daily routines. Top seven colleges list for OT assistant courses.

1. AIG Academy

Students who want to continue their education but are unable to do so, or who have other aims and want to follow alternate courses to conclude their studies after 12th grade, enroll in a variety of Diploma Courses, independent of their field of study. Depending on the disciplines chosen, diploma courses after 12th grade can take 2 to 3 years to finish. AIG Academy offers the best operation theatre assistant course. Many different diploma courses are available, including computer science, advertising and marketing, photography, multimedia, industrial safety, interior design, telecommunications, animation, web design, graphics design, travel and tourism, hospitality, event management, food and beverage management, business law, finance, accounting, retail management, and many others. Students can pursue a Diploma degree in any field of interest, opening the door to employment and a good salary. Your search for the best occupational therapist courses near me ends here.

Website :

Phone Number : +91 7400058878

2. ETS College

The objective of the organization is to promote and undertake biomedical engineering research in order to develop better hearing aids, as well as conduct research and provide money for hearing-impaired people's education and rehabilitation. They offer the best paramedical course operation theatre assistant. Enroll for the OT attendant course with them now. Through the Institute's official website, candidates can apply for a variety of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Diploma programmes. Candidates are selected by an entrance exam. Counseling people who have passed the entrance exam about getting into college. The Institute for Students with Disabilities provides clinical services and charges, research and publications, educational services, retrieval and extension services, socioeconomic rehabilitation, information and documentation, and disability information documentation and resources, to name a few.

Website :

phone Number : +91 9819633619

3. BAG College :

The college has a fantastic infrastructure and provides all of the amenities that a student requires in order to learn effectively. This college could be a huge help to a student's success if they have the right motivation and desire. Get your certificate in operation theater assistant now. We are at the vanguard of great education due to our academic brilliance, research focus, and faculty from top national and global institutes and industries. Pursue a successful career on a solid foundation. Join us in making tomorrow a better place.

Phone Number : +91 9892222877

4. Maharashtra Institute of Medical Science & Technology

India's economic prosperity has provided us with access to modern medical technology, widening the gap between demand and supply for paramedics and paramedical personnel. "Laboratory technologists are without a doubt the health-care system's backbone." Get the best OT assistant training with them. According to a survey, India has about a lakh clinical laboratories, and in order for them to work effectively, there is a tremendous need for well-trained technicians, not only to confirm accurate disease diagnoses but also to prevent catastrophic consequences. In the realm of paramedical science, Maharashtra Institute of Medical Science and Technology has established itself as a reputable name. Thousands of people have benefited from our extensive training experience, which has allowed them to enjoy the fruits of a successful profession while also contributing to their community.

Website :

Phone Number : 022 23709787

5. Kohinoor College of Paramedical Science - Mumbai

The Kohinoor College of Paramedical Science is a part of the Kohinoor Technical Institute in Mumbai's Vidyavihar - Kurla neighborhood. Various paramedical science courses are available at the college. Class rooms at the college are state-of-the-art. At Asia's first "LEED'' accredited "Criticare Asia Multispecialty Hospital and Research Center," students receive hands-on training on cutting-edge equipment and technology. The doctors and technicians at "Criticare Asia Multispecialty Hospital and Research Center'' are passionate about training and mentoring students so that they can serve the healthcare industry with expertise and dedication. You can get the best certificate course in operation theatre assistant through them. The Kohinoor Group, which has been involved in education for more than 50 years, saw the potential for growth in the Health Care Business and the dearth of competent workers in the industry and decided to open this college in Mumbai. Through its prominent and competent faculty, Kohinoor College of Paramedical Sciences seeks to provide quality education to students. Continuing guest lectures by working doctors, as well as continued observation at Kohinoor Hospital and other diagnostic institutes, provide students an advantage over their peers in the field.

Website :

Phone Number : +91 93211 17973

6. Experts Paramedical Institute

We, the Experts Academy in Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, are more interested in learning knowledge than in teaching it, with teachers serving as facilitators. Get the best OT aide training. The learning process is made more fun by using an unusual educational style that encourages students to learn through research and model-making, resulting in higher retention. Our goal is to help kids develop their personalities on all levels.

Website :

Phone Number :9867542019

7. DPMI (Paramedical Skilling Institute)

The Delhi Paramedical & Management Institute, or DPMI, was formed in Delhi with the purpose of providing quality paramedical and technical management education at the under 10th, 10+2, graduate, and postgraduate levels. It is equipped with Advanced Studies Courses. Contact them to get the best programs for occupational therapy assistants. In a stimulating environment that stimulates independent thinking and invention, young aspirants study a variety of disciplines in health care, hospitality, mass communication, and aviation. DPMI focuses on enhancing the value of the courses it provides to the student community by providing a one-of-a-kind combination of technical excellence, opportunities, choices, and experience. Students must have a global perspective in order to be successful in the international arena, as all economic activities are becoming increasingly globalized. DPMI is managed by India's PMTS. The PMTS of India manages and guides DPMI. Under Section 21 of the Indian Constitution Act of 1860, the organization is registered in Delhi. The Institution is dedicated to the advancement of paramedical health education, hotel management, catering technology, and tourism in the country. This institution is trying to develop a team of well-trained paramedical and hotel management experts.

Website :

Phone Number : 9999738850

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