While passing the Class 12 board, a student can pick from a variety of courses in India. As nothing more than a result, it's normal if the abundance of courses available after 12th grade perplexes you. When deciding on a course beyond Class 12, students should make sure that their chosen profession will provide them with a good salary, job stability, advancement chances, and other benefits. During high school, you can enroll in paramedical courses if you wish to work in healthcare and save lives. This medical field is one of the most desirable areas to work in because of its high reputation, good compensation, and ongoing need for healthcare expertise. Doctors and other medical professionals are specialists in their domains, and this is true. Doctors and nurses are essential members of the healthcare team, but allied healthcare or paramedical personnel complete the picture.

1. AIG Academy

There are many different formats in which education can be obtained. Students can pursue their education at various levels, from nursing diplomas to PhD degrees. It enables people to work in the health field while also assisting and supporting those in need. They offer the best diploma courses in Mumbai. Our knowledge and well-trained staff will ensure that you have a fun and worthwhile experience while learning everything there is to know about your chosen topic. We treat our students as if they were family, and we are always learning new things. We teach them common values such as teamwork, which will assist them in the future. You can also contact them to get details about the 1 year PG diploma courses in Mumbai.

Website : https://aigedu.org/

Phone Number : +91 7400058878

2. ETS College

ETS Group of Institutions has been in business for more than ten years, with a conceptual approach to creating educational degrees. It is organized by the Team's demanding job, which entails feeding the overall public by assisting understudies who develop the country's building blocks. Starting with the voyage from paramedical sciences to laying out a collection of institutions, the path has been fairly intriguing and satisfying. We have expected authority in providing career opportunities in a variety of medical, paramedical, engineering, and business fields. It provides businesses and entrepreneurs seeking growth, execution, and fulfillment with a comprehensive selection of high-impact HR Solutions. They offer the best PG diploma courses in Mumbai. In general, the Verticals aim to steer an understudy from his first steps in the education industry to a position in a TOP Notch organization. In the previous ten years, there has been an increase in management and vocational courses. ETS HR Consultants was formed with the objective of providing businesses and individuals with top-notch labor force solutions. You can also get the best diploma courses after 10th in Mumbai.

Website : https://www.ets-edu.com/

Phone Number : +91 9819633619

3. BAG College

Traditions are difficult to establish and even more difficult to keep alive. Despite our enthusiasm for the new, we have not forgotten about the old, allowing us to offer a well-balanced mix of preventive, promotional, curative, and rehabilitative services to society. Software has trumped hardware, health has trumped disease, ethics and equality have trumped concern for a chosen few, and decentralization and diffusion of services to the underprivileged have trumped the centralization of complexity behind hospital walls. If you want to do a part time diploma in Mumbai contact them now. The unwavering enthusiasm, devotion, and professional skill of our medical and paramedical personnel has ensured that, upon completion of their studies, our young doctors do not seek to play God, but rather to serve humanity as a tool in God's hands. They offer the best post graduate diploma courses in Mumbai.

Phone Number : +91 9892222877

4. AIIPMR Mumbai - All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The Department of Science and Technology has named AIIPMR as one of the country's recognized institutes. The Institute encourages and promotes medical rehabilitation research among its staff and students. Medical and surgical techniques, therapeutic interventions, innovative designs and materials in the creation of environment-friendly aids and appliances, as well as the social and psychological elements of disability, have all contributed to technical improvements. You can get the best 1 year diploma courses in Mumbai. Among the highlights of R&D efforts are collaborative research initiatives with W.H.O., I.C.M.R., I.I.T., the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In both rural and urban slums, the Institute has played a vital role in the implementation of several collaborative research initiatives in community-based rehabilitation (CBR). The institute is now working on a training module on the CBR strategy for peripheral health professionals, which is being coordinated by AIIPMR and funded by WHO ( 2010-11).

Website : https://aiipmr.gov.in/

Phone Number : +91-22-23544332

5. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai

The importance of continuing education for working professionals is becoming increasingly important as technology expertise grows. The BARC, DAE Continuing Education Program (CEP) was created to meet the organization's needs for trained, skilled staff and knowledge updates. Contact them to get the best DTL course in Mumbai. An employee can upgrade his or her academic credentials through the Continuing Education Program.

Website: https://www.barc.gov.in/

Phone Number: +91-22-25505151

6. Dr DY Patil Medical College, Navi Mumbai Medical College, Navi Mumbai

Academic programmes are designed to support the university's vision and mission. The presence of our vision and mission's ideas can be seen in the design of our courses and curricula, the pedagogical tools and methods adopted and promoted, faculty Development Programs, interactions with all stakeholders, robust feedback systems, and reliable evaluation and assessment systems used at our university. You can get the best online diploma courses in Mumbai with them. This applies to our diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate programmes in Health Sciences, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Business Management, Hospitality and Tourism Studies, and other courses, as well as our research programmes in these fields. Specific goals and action plans have been set to carry out the mission and achieve the Vision, as well as to adhere to the strategy. To carry out the mission and achieve the Vision, as well as to comply with the rules established by the nation's statutory educational agencies in order to deliver a certain degree of quality education, a strategy with specified goals and action plans has been put in place.

Website : http://www.dypatil.edu/

Phone Number : 8097050551

7. TNMC Mumbai - Topiwala National Medical College and BYL Nair Charitable Hospital

T. N. Medical College & BYL Nair Ch. Hospital (established on September 4, 1921) is a prestigious medical school that offers a wide range of medical and allied professions, as well as super specialty degrees. Get the best one year diploma courses in Mumbai with them. This institute has provided society with medical giants who have selflessly offered healthcare services for decades, and we look forward to our future generations carrying on this great tradition and legacy.

Website: https://tnmcnair.edu.in/

Phone Number: +911234567890

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