When seeking for AWS Consulting Company, please keep the following aspects in mind. As the firm should display AWS certifications as well as credible proof of devoted migration procedure.

Do you need an AWS consulting partner to manage your AWS-based business infrastructure? Here are some things to think about when selecting an AWS consulting firm for your company.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the most dependable, scalable, adaptable, and industry-specific cloud infrastructures. It is the gold standard of cloud computing and comes with many advantages. The AWS platform is simple to use and assists businesses in continuously monitoring, deploying, and implementing cloud infrastructure. Thousands of businesses migrate to AWS and reap massive benefits with each passing day.

At this moment, the legitimate issue that arises is:

Is it possible to use AWS in this manner?

"No," is the answer.

Though AWS is fantastic in every way, it does necessitate a certain level of competence and skill to keep things running well.

It is when an AWS consulting partner or organization comes in handy.

What is the Importance of an AWS Consulting Partner?

One of the simplest methods to ensure that you are using AWS to its maximum potential is to hire AWS experts or a consulting firm. These are the trained and skilled individuals who have all the knowledge required for AWS configuration and more. These partners offer AWS consulting services, providing you with rapid solutions to any AWS cloud and infrastructure concerns.

Hiring an AWS consulting partner is one method of ensuring this. Here are some arguments in support of the statement:

To Get Expert Help: While AWS is widely available and provides scalable solutions, it requires expert AWS abilities to get the most out of it. You should not be concerned about working with an AWS consultant or consulting organization. Because they are the experts in this subject, they are well-versed in the key principles.

For Seamless Operations — Hiring an AWS consulting firm makes the operation smooth and trouble-free. AWS is a massive subject. While the consulting firm investigates AWS management, your IT department can focus on other critical duties.

To Ensure the Availability of the Entire Skill-Set – You can have all skill sets under one roof if you engage AWS consultancy. If you engage an in-house AWS consultant, they may be skilled in one or two critical areas. So, what about the other requirements? Can you work with only half-assistance? No, not at all. AWS consulting firms will have a plethora of AWS talents under one roof.

To have an Optimized AWS Solution: Amazon is a big fan of innovation. That is why it is constantly improving its offerings. Include AWS in that list as well. When cloud technology is being upgraded daily, keeping your entire IT infrastructure up to date is extremely challenging. AWS consulting partners collaborate closely with Amazon and are updated on the latest technologies. As a result, you get the most up-to-date AWS solutions when you work with them.

It is possible only if you make the correct option and select the best AWS consulting partner for your company. It's challenging, especially when the market is crowded with options, all claiming to be the greatest. So, how will you select your AWS consulting firm? Here's an explanation!

Top 10 Things to Think About When Choosing an AWS Consulting Firm

You have no choice because the AWS consulting company will deal with/manage your business data. Your entire IT business infrastructure would be in their hands, which is reason enough to be extra cautious in the process.

Here are our top ten criteria to think about while looking for an AWS consulting company —

1. First and foremost, figure out exactly what you want.

Before looking for an AWS consulting firm for your organization, you should ask a few questions.

What is your exact requirement?

How much money can you spend, or how much money do you have in your budget?

How long will you require this AWS consulting assistance?

Which is the better option for you: in-house or outsourced?

At first, you should think about these questions because the answers will help you discover the best AWS consulting company for your organization. For example, if your requirements are irregular, hiring a freelancer AWS consultant rather than a full-time agency would be preferable. There are numerous online marketplaces where you might locate the perfect match for your needs. It is also an excellent alternative for start-ups and small-scale enterprises because recruiting freelancers is simple and inexpensive.

On the other side, if you are simply interested in core AWS, you may only require a full-time AWS consulting firm. Similarly, you should be aware of your financial situation. There are numerous solutions on the market. However, not everyone falls within your budgetary constraints. So, before you go, you must grasp your needs and any relevant issues.

2. Go with the one that has a certified crew.

Managing AWS is not as simple as it sounds. It necessitates a great deal of knowledge. As a result, Amazon has created a few certifications. These certifications, divided according to AWS modules, demonstrate that the person is well-versed in AWS principles, and its astuteness is also certified. When selecting an AWS consulting firm for your company, don't be afraid to inquire about the qualifications of its personnel.

AWS certificates provide in-depth knowledge of important AWS concepts. As long as the AWS consultant or consulting firm has a staff with these certifications, it is reliable. In reality, some leading AWS consulting firms provide these certificates to their workers and others to provide AWS knowledge.

3. Select the company that provides everything under one roof.

AWS is a large domain. It is not restricted to technological deployment. Its capabilities include migration, design, construction, monitoring, storage, analytics, application development, networking, and database management. AWS provides a total of 90 services in total. The majority of these services will be readily available on the market. Only trained developers have access to them via API.

The most well-known of these services are:

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) - This service is required to create virtual servers.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) — Constructs a high-capacity storage solution for your company.

Amazon VPC — Assists businesses in creating private cloud space.

Amazon Route53 — This AWS service is required to maintain DNS records, generate hosted zones, and handle DNS queries.

AWS Lambda: This service is required to run the code in response to the event. It is also handy for custom logic or creating your back-end services.

Amazon Glacier: Cost-effectively archive your data.

Amazon Redshift: AWS Redshift is a fully managed cloud-based, petabyte-scale data warehousing service. It's also utilized in web hosting.

Amazon ElastiCache: It is essential for app caching by utilizing Redis and assisting a corporation in developing Memcached to deliver excellent performance.

Amazon API Gateway: This AWS service is required to construct, publish, maintain, and monitor REST and WebSocket APIs.

Amazon Elasticsearch Service: This is the most often utilized service that allows you to use Elasticsearch quickly.

Amazon IAM - This service is essential to manage access to your AWS resources.

CloudHSM on AWS: AWS CloudHSM, a security system, provides you with a specific collection of isolated hardware security modules for additional data protection.

These previously mentioned services are widely utilized and assist you in carrying out your IT operations in a simple and basic manner. Rather than obtaining all of these services from several sources, it is preferable to select one that handles all of them. You will be able to save time and effort this way. Furthermore, when you purchase anything from a single marketplace, you are more likely to receive some discounts.

As a result, please ensure that you select an AWS consulting firm that provides all or the majority of AWS solutions under one roof. You may be certain of this by requesting a service list from your preferred selections and researching their services on their websites. This crucial step will help you save money, time, and effort.

4. Select an Amazon Partner Network option (APN)

Whatever Amazon does, it does it to excellence, which is undeniable. Amazon maintains an up-to-date list of its premium partners. These partners have substantial experience with AWS, are well-versed in its intricacies, and are certified. Furthermore, these provide the majority of AWS services. When granting a registered APN partner, Amazon has quite tight requirements.

The following are the prerequisites for being so:

  • Advanced Tier (or higher) APN status
  • AWS Certifications held by current employees
  • Case studies and workloads from customers have been moved.
  • Migration practice that is focused
  • AWS connection is shown on their solution landing page.

To be included on the Amazon partner list, you must meet any additional requirements. If you select an AWS consulting partner from our list, it simply means that you will receive superior AWS assistance.

With so many advantages, we can conclude that AWS consulting from APN is something that can be relied on blindly. You may find a list of premium Amazon consulting partners here. Don't forget that some independent AWS consulting firms may be able to provide better services. As a result, we advise you to double-check everything before making a final decision.

5. Diverse technological expertise

The AWS consulting business you choose must have experience with various technologies. Docker, Python, Angular, iOS, C++, Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySql, PHP, and Hadoop are important technologies that are part of your day-to-day AWS operations. As a result, your prospective AWS consultant/AWS consulting firm must be well-versed in these technologies.

6. Go for the one with its AWS experts on staff.

Some AWS consulting organizations outsource their AWS consulting practices. In that instance, you're accessing the services through a third-party channel. Dealing with third-party vendors can be intimidating at times. For example, your consulting firm will refer it to a third party if you have a problem. It's possible that you'll have to wait sometime for the solution in that scenario. As a response, you must choose one that has its staff of AWS consultants ready to service as soon as the need arises.

7. Request quotations from various AWS consulting firms.

Although each AWS consulting firm provides similar services, their prices range. Some may be exorbitantly priced, while others may be reasonably priced. So, if you're looking for an AWS consulting firm, make sure you get information from more than two sources. Request bids and services in place of that costing and conduct a real-time comparison at your end.

While doing so, one thing that should never be overlooked is quality. You must ensure that the service quality of the companies you evaluate is the same. Each should have a trained team and provide similar services.

8. Never underestimate the importance of after-sales services and technical support.

True, you don't have to worry about AWS infrastructure if you work with a registered AWS consultant or consulting firm. But what if you run into a problem after the answers are delivered?

Technical problems are clear and can occur at any time - even after the service has been delivered. If you have outsourced AWS, you may not grasp some of these technical difficulties. You will need assistance at this stage of your AWS consulting team once more. As a result, it is critical that you thoroughly investigate your prospective AWS consulting partner's after-sales services and technical support.

You can inquire about their after-sales procedures, read their terms and conditions, and see what kind of follow-up they provide. They should have a dedicated customer service center to respond to your inquiries. Because a single failure in your existing AWS infrastructure might cause a slew of issues, they must respond quickly to your concerns/complaints and take appropriate action.

9. Prior work experience and a strong portfolio

In every case, prior work experience is considered. When selecting an AWS consulting partner for your company, be sure that they have previously handled the project. AWS consulting firms with at least three years of expertise are a safe bet.

The majority of businesses display their customer list/portfolio on their website. We recommend that you thoroughly review all of these. You will be able to obtain insight into the company's previous work by doing so. Furthermore, this stage is critical to determining whether or not its competency satisfies your demand areas.

10. They should be able to serve a variety of industries.

Every industry necessitates a unique set of AWS solutions. Work for a company that services a variety of clients. You should choose an AWS consulting firm capable of designing, deploying, and monitoring AWS solutions for a variety of sectors. If you want an AWS consulting partner for your own business, go with the one specializing in that area.

Final Thoughts

AWS serves as the backbone of your IT operations. You must select a trustworthy resource and delegate the task to them. AWS consulting firms can lessen your efforts and load while assuring you of high-quality, up-to-date, scalable, flexible, and cost-effective AWS solutions.

Your AWS consulting partner will help your company establish a profitable AWS consulting practice. So, keep the criteria mentioned above in mind while selecting your AWS consulting partner to ensure you get the best one.

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