Top 7 small successful business ideas to start in 2022

Top 7 small successful business ideas to start in 2022

Small business entrepreneurs have numerous opportunities that they can successfully explore. All they need is an exceptional small business idea. These ideas don't require you to invest higher funds, they need thorough research.

It is not easy to operate and run a new business. Many entrepreneurs face huge failure because of choosing a wrong business idea.

If you are planning to set up a small business, now is the perfect time. Due to COVID-19 huge number of customers have shifted to online stores. By initiating a small online business with a plan, you can grow successfully.

This blog includes top 7 small successful business ideas that a person can start in 2022.

Consulting business

Are you proficient in a specific field? If so, you can become an advisor to firms or people and draw huge income out of it.

Consultants are people who support their clients by offering expert advice in their proficient field. They provide advice on matters like sales, operation, finance, etc.

Here are some few steps for setting up your consultancy business-

  • Determine what you are good at.
  • Choose your niche
  • Get license
  • Discover your target market
  • Give a reason to your clients for why they should hire you.
  • Advertise your business

Buy and sell domain names

A lucrative business idea to earn extra income is buying and selling domain names. This business is profitable, if you have knowledge of domain marketplaces and search engine trends.

Buying & Selling domain is relatively easy as a business model. You will need a laptop & internet connection for setting up. If you are new in this business, you must check the below things:

  • Place to sell domain
  • Best place to buy domain
  • Cost to sell them
  • Process for transferring domain to a buyer &
  • Trademarks issued at the time of buying and selling them.


Many people listen to podcasts to cut through their boredom. It is a distinguished option where you can create a product or service podcast for your listeners.

For instance, you provide bookkeeping service. You can create a podcast on its secrets for small business owners. A podcaster can use the show to share expertise, tips and services.

You can set up your podcast business and earn income with the ads.

Write Guest Posts

Are you a writer with exceptional SEO skills? Become a Guest Post writer. This internet based business idea can aid you to have good pay on every blog. Also, you can publish your blog with your name.

There are various sites that are open to submit Guest Post. You can approach them and write in a niche you are familiar with.

AudioBook narrator

Do you have acting skills with excellent voice clarity and tone control? Then head up for AudioBook Narrator. It  is a perfect small business idea that can easily be set up in 2022.

There is a rise in the recognition of audiobooks & their narrators. These books have digital & printing writing converted into audio files. Newbies can start this business with freelance projects & have good pay.

Virtual Assistant

Anything an individual can do for clients from a remote location falls under the “VA” umbrella.

A person with communication skills, IT skills, etc, can become a virtual assistant. They can support business owners to accomplish tasks of clerical, marketing, etc. It is the quickest, easiest and low-investment business idea.


Many leading GST SUVIDHA KENDRA is providing opportunities to set up your own GSK. It is a center that aids SMEs, shopkeepers, businessmen, etc to comply with GST on time.

An individual with basic knowledge of computer software can set up this business from home. You can support them and earn a profitable commission every month.

This business can provide you following benefits-

  • A license
  • Certificates & rewards
  • Profitable commission
  • Provide services other than GST submission.
  • 24/7 support
  • Training, etc.

Tips to successfully grow small business idea

You need good planning, flexibility and organizational skills to have a successful business today. Many people assume that they can initiate a business just by turning on their computer. But it is not that much easy. You can avoid business failure by following the below tips-

Get Systematized

You will need a system or task list to achieve business success. This will enable you to accomplish tasks as per the priority. It will also aid you to ensure that you are not neglecting any important thing.

Keep records of all the details

A detailed record will support your business to know where your business stands financially. This will help you to create strategies, if you face any challenges.

Examine & determine your competitors

Observe what your competitors are doing to gain more customers & make money. Keep analyzing & learning from your competitors.

Be creative

Be creative, enhance your business & be distinct in the market. Also, you should be open to different concepts & new ideas for your business.

Stay attentive

You cannot get a successful business by making a huge amount of income in a day. It takes time to let people know all about your business. Hence, stay focused and achieve your short-term goals.

Offer great service

Whether your business is small or big, offering great service to your customers is of utmost necessity. They can stay inclined towards your business and will not approach your competitors.

Be persistent

Persistence is the most vital thing for a business success. If you keep doing one task every day, you will become habitual to it. Thus, you can earn profitable revenue every month.


There you have it- the top 7 small successful business ideas to start in 2022. Each of these ideas are lucrative in their own way. Before opting for them make sure you have the required skills set.

It is said, hard work and dedication can help you to become a lucrative entrepreneur. Choosing a business idea that allineate with your passion and interest will make the journey more rewarding.

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