I have a confession.

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I have a confession.

I run a business as a professional contractor and I need to confess something.

It isn’t entirely my fault, there’s an expectation from my clients to act this way.

For many years I have charged clients an hourly or a daily rate for work I do. I do this under a contract and it’s ‘kinda’ how most people in my line of work do it.

However, I am going to tell you something now I have only recently managed to reconcile myself.

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I must not send out a CV about my business via a recruiter if I want to be recognised as a business.

I have permie friends who relish their CV. The ladder climbing, the promotions, the annual reviews … it just isn’t me and I need to stop.

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What I have done is created a business profile with a list of services. I have registered this on some B2B platforms and also sent proposals to my old clients.

You may be wondering what made me realise the error of my ways? Just three words.

‘Off payroll regulations’

Yup. The OP21 or IR35 regs kicked me in the unmentionables and I decided that I could either become perm, pay more tax and be a ‘no rights employee’, or grow a pair and act like a business.

Join me on 6prog.com?

[sorry no agencies]

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