I’m the supplier? Why should I pay a fee?

I’m the supplier?
Why should I pay a fee?

First thing: apologies for the click bait style of title. It’s how things are in 2020.

I’m not innovating that. I’ve enough to do innovating the contracting industry.

Guess what- all clients and suppliers want to see innovation because the status quo is making agency owners rich and incentivising recruiters to treat contractors and clients poorly.

Don’t believe me?

Paste in the job desc you gave your agency and you’ll see they hardly changed it.

And for contractors. Out of 100, how often do you get a call back? How often does that person understand the job? A parrot could do that job.

So we decided 6prog was the answer and we charge the client and the supplier to use it.


I see why the client pays but why me? Why are you cutting my day rate?

Looking at it this way I can understand your point of view but we need to consider the whole picture.

Your day rate is generated by the client budget.  The client offers the agency e.g. 650 and the agency advertises 450-500

You have little influence over the decisions the client makes over budget if you apply via an agency.

However, working through a platform on a proposals basis you get to frame the deliverable(s) and therefore the value you bring.

Furthermore, because 6prog charges all users the same we have an equitable relationship with all … think about that and how often agencies are complained about because they don’t return calls from contractors.

In summary

If you would like more information on ethical platforms and how 6prog works just reach out for a demo.


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