How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed the Way of Our Lives?

How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed the Way of Our Lives?

The Artificial Intelligence field has seen some developments over the past decades. It has played a major contributing factor in developing various industries like healthcare, banking, logistics, driving, and electronics.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) imitates human intellect in computers and other devices. Machines are programmed and designed to think and imitate the characteristics of human beings. These AI machines must possess the primary form of human intelligence, i.e., learning, reasoning, and problem-solving.

According to some analyses, the Indian Artificial Intelligence market reached a valuation of $7.8 Billion in the second quarter of 2020. Nowadays, AI is being used in facial recognition on our mobile devices to the car we drive. Hence, kids must learn the necessary skills of AI and Coding to become a pioneer of innovation and technology in this new and changing world.

Let us walk through the Impacts that Artificial Intelligence had on our lives.

  • ยท Improved Healthcare- The AI's incorporation into the healthcare system has resulted in enormous gains. It is now feasible to cure various diseases that previously seemed untreatable, like cancers and various internal injuries that are not visible to the human eye.

AI assists doctors in successfully identifying illnesses in humans. Advanced scanning devices, ultrasound equipment, and sensors are now capable of detecting the slightest changes with the help of Artificial Intelligence Techniques. With the help of AI, the rate of treatment and recovery has improved leaps and bounds. Robotic limbs are readily available for people with impairments.

  • Enhanced Data Management- Data is the New Currency. To thrive in today competitive market places, companies need to harness the power of the data to their benefit. For example- OLA, a ridesharing company, is collecting data from all its cab rides and routes of commute to optimize the experience for the users.

Users now have many alternatives. Nowadays, to gain a competitive advantage, companies are now creating detailed databases in order to store, arrange, and analyze user data. This data is utilized to develop business plans with the help of predicted trends and customer preferences.

  • Cybersecurity and Risk Reduction- With the help of cybersecurity, governmental organizations can track criminals and strengthen online security. Artificial Intelligence platform enables better protection against fraud and online theft.

AI increases the chances of finding terrorist camps, anticipating natural calamities, and averting disasters. Its application in some platforms is to identify seismic activities deep down. It provides information to scientists concerning earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural calamities. It helps in preventing loss of life due to these calamities by issuing a prior warning to the public.

  • Machine Intensive Manufacturing- Human work is becoming outdated as machines become better and more self-sufficient. To speed up the production process, manufacturing companies use automated engines. The application of technology for production eliminates the chances of human error.

The cost of using a technology-intensive approach reduces the cost of labor and increases the speed of production. Machines are more reliable and efficient than human tendencies. Hence, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics will play a crucial role in the Modern Manufacturing Industry.

  • Improved Navigation System- It is impossible to get lost courtesies of Artificial Intelligence. With the help of satellites and extensive GPS (Global Positioning System) installed throughout most cellular devices as navigation apps, it is now possible to track your whereabouts on a real-time basis.

The application AI is used extensively in these navigation apps. GPS is revolutionizing the transport industry. AI technology is used by the aviation industry, railways, and cabs to anticipate traffic and commute safely. AI has improved the livelihood of cab drivers and service delivery persons by helping them navigate and calculate the fares based on price and distance.

  • Personalized and Interactive Experiences- Information is more readily available to students. To enhance teaching methods, STEM institutions and learning spaces rely on AI-based frameworks for making learning easy for kids. Students may watch live lectures and engage with machine-controlled bots, to make the learning process easier.

Mobile phones are more accessible and interactive for the masses nowadays. It has one of the wide-based user bases for AI, with normal tasks like scheduling events, saving notes, to making calls to someone just with a voice command. It is amazing what technology is achieving. Hence is necessary for parents to find Artificial Intelligence course for kids to make them future-ready for the upcoming competitive world.

  • Integrated Entertainment- Artificial Intelligence has taken the entertainment industry by storm. AI in Movie Streaming Platforms is used to optimize their users' experiences. The platforms, for example, employ AI to forecast the upcoming choices of users. This feature enhances the user experience by helping them to save time while exploring movies on their platforms.

AI also has a significant effect on the development of the modern gaming industry. Modern gaming platforms incorporate AI to improve the game experience by using perceptive visuals and better interaction. The integration of VR and AR has introduced gamers to truly realistic-looking virtual spaces. AR and VR are the foundation of the Metaverse.


Future of AI

Artificial intelligence is going to stick around for a long time. Almost all industries are likely to be affected by AI in the future. Most of the developing technologies, including Robotics, Massive Data, Augmented Reality(AR), the Internet of Things(IoT), and Virtual Reality(VR), are all powered by AI technology.

In the future, there are bound to be more AI-based innovations in sectors like agriculture, transport, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and customer service. These innovations will eradicate some of the traditional jobs but, will give rise to new innovative job profiles.

Summing Up!

We have discussed the Meaning of Artificial Intelligence(AI), its widespread Impact on the World, and the Future of AI Technology. Thus the parents must prepare their kids for the future by equipping them with the necessary skills.

Preparing these young minds about Coding and AI from an early age opens doors to many future lucrative job opportunities. Tinkely's courses are designed considering your children's welfare by implementing STEM Learning with a playful learning curriculum.

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