6 ways to get substitutes on 6prog

6 ways to get substitutes on 6prog

Putting budget into the talent not the process

Let’s start at the beginning - why do we need substitutes and what is 6prog?

Why we need substitutes

The Off Payroll 21 regulations are arriving momentarily as indicated by the ’21. You will have heard about them - they are also known as IR35 regulations and people term work as being inside or outside. The determination for this is based on bother the contract AND the working relationship and typically three areas of concern are looked at. Right of Substitution, Direction and Control and Non-Mutuality of Obligations - in this article we are looking at substitution.

6prog is a technology business which enables suppliers and clients to work on projects seamlessly. Originally built as a low cost workflow we have discovered our business outlook helps with firms working outside of IR35. This is because we help both parties to create the work order, the SoW higher and lower agreements are the same, and by starting your relationships with 6prog it is clear firms are hiring a supplier, not an employee by stealth ;-) For more information or a demo please contact us [email protected] or book here: demorequest

Now we know why we might need substitutes and what 6prog is… let’s look at six tips to get subs for you.

Invite people you know

You might be surprised at how many contractor associates are already looking for a substitute too. Setting up several reciprocal relationships will be a great help in giving you coverage. Separately you may also realise that as a group you can deliver on bigger projects using your wider range of collective skills. Select people > add. Input their email and then save > invite. A contact message box will pop up - write something nice ;-)

Check the community

6prog lists out other members of the community. Input a keyword and tick the ‘supplier’ box. Click on each profile to check for relevance and click connect. A contact message box will pop up - write something nice ;-)

Run an event in the lounge

Meeting people in person is the easiest way to make new connections. Run an event on any topic of your choosing. Ideally business related e.g. ‘why change management?’, ‘best practices in agile’ or ‘tips when using react’. Use promote section in Pad to add your event. 6prog will share this though the site, slackened other social media.
Layout the agenda of your event to leave time for networking and share your profile link so you can be contacted easily. Here's my link!

Advertise using your profile link

Your 6prog account has a uniques profile link. It’s easy to change to a ‘vanity link’ too. Share it on Linkedin with a note ‘I need Subs’

It’s completely free. I know some firms think there should be a charge for this. We don’t.  Once you have some connections you can demonstrate through your 6prog contract and people list that you have substitutes, the right of substitution and therefore are operating as a business, not a ‘no rights employee’.

Post a request

POSTS is used mostly as a client tool for advertising a need for suppliers. There’s nothing in the rule book saying you cannot do that too.

Ask the Community Manager

When you joined 6prog a ‘community manager’ will have asked to connect. Make use of him. ;-) click here to connect

If you are reading this and thinking, ‘What’s the catch? & how much is this going to cost?’ Please check 6prog’s pricing page  
[hint - we don’t charge for helping business with IR35 or promoting their services]

To learn more we recommend reviewing  example clauses to look out for from QDOS  covering the three indicators of inside/outside IR35. We recommend following InniAccounts fantastic crowdsourced feedback from contractors  about how different businesses are addressing OP21.

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